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To dream of teeth represents your vitality and self-confidence. A reflection of how good you feel about your physical appearance, talents, or anything that gives you status or power.

To dream of teeth falling out represents a loss of power, confidence, or self-esteem in some area of your life. A corrosive situation or feelings of a loss of vitality. Dreams of teeth falling out are common to people aging or who feel they are losing their looks. It's also common to people who are losing money, a career, or status of some kind.

To dream of a gap in your front teeth represents insecurities about not being as good as you'd like to be. An area of your life that you feel is below standard. You may have flaws that you are always thinking about or constantly wish you could improve. Alternatively, a gap in the teeth of another person may represent your view of another person or situation that fails to meet your all your standards.

To dream of animals with sharp teeth often represents feelings of anger. Feeling furious or that someone else is angry with us. Someone one else's "biting anger."

To dream of being toothless represents a total loss of confidence. You or someone else that has lost power, status, or vitality in some way. Bad news, misfortune, or ill health are getting in the way.

Example: A woman dreamed of her teeth falling out. In real life she was insecure about her looks because she was aging.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing herself with gap in her teeth. In real life she felt like she wasn't good looking enough for a guy she liked.

*Please See Fangs



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