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To dream of a window represents a perspective or insight on current events. Seeing something more clearly. An outlook on a situation. It may also reflect your ability to see ahead. Noticing or feeling what possibilities lay ahead or what's about to happen.

To dream of a broken window represents lost opportunities or never getting to think about the future in a particular way ever again. Not feeling good about the future at all or feeling that an opportunity has been wasted.

To dream of washing a window represents clarifying a distorted issue. Renewed confidence in future possibilities.

To dream of entering a window represents an underhanded or secretive exploitation of an opportunity. It may reflect waking life situations where you are creating your own opportunities or impatiently making something irregular happen.

To dream of looking out a window represents insight into what's happening or your outlook for the future. Seeing ahead or what you feel is going to happen. It may also reflect your hopes for what is about to come.

Negatively, dreaming about looking out a window may reflect expectations about the future that are based on fear, anxiety, or non-objective perspective. It may also reflect awareness of danger that you are not taking seriously enough to prepare for.

To dream of someone looking in your window may represent situations that allow people to see what you're really thinking. Others gaining insight into you.

To dream of looking inside a window represent a glimpse of insight, a point of view, or a perspective on a situation or relationship.

To dream of a foggy window represents confusion or uncertain behavior that is making it hard for you to discern or calculate a future outcome.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful view outside a window. In waking life he was beginning to have a more positive view about healing from a serious injury.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a large penis object while peering inside her sisters bedroom window. In waking life she had gained insight into why her sister's boyfriend was such a jerk.

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