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To dream of tuna fish as canned food represents feelings of confidence that you can easily deal with a problem all by yourself without embarrassment as long as you don't think of yourself as being too special. Preferring to deal with problems all by yourself without attention. Confidently not needing to be more attractive than other people. Easy new ideas that you can't show off with. New ideas that aren't ridiculous, but feeling that nobody will be impressed with them. Feeling happier to do something new with your family privately instead of showing off in public. Feeling good about new ideas that don't need to be impressive to help you succeed.

Negatively, tuna in a dream may reflect jealousy of new ideas that don't allow you to show off. Feeling that you have to settle for an easy unattractive idea or option. A dislike for unattractive easy ideas. A dislike for having to spend time with family instead of getting a lot of attention because it's safer or easier. New easy ideas that are not special.


To dream of tuna from a can represents feelings of respecting yourself mattering without requiring being professional. Acceptable lower quality options or behavior that doesn't care about being professional. Acceptable lower quality standards that notices you aren't losing. Stamina and agility. Respecting yourself "just not being fake" or not needing a lot of attention.

To dream of tuna fish represents feelings about insight or wanting a new idea that doesn't need to be awesome, brilliant, or the most important. Insights or ideas that help you by simply not being fake. An attitude that says "nothing fabulous, but I deserve to be here, too." Ideas or insights that help you by not needing a lot of attention.



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