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To dream of watching television represents a situation or experience you are creating for yourself or that you want to observe. An experience or situation that think is wonderful or like noticing yourself having. Watching a television may also reflect some level of control about how a situation will turn out.

To dream of a tv turned off represents a situation or experience that you can have if you want to, but aren't interested in. Options or choices that are available that you have chosen to ignore or avoid. You choose not to go a certain route and instead want to a more interesting or safer type of experience.

Example: A child once dreamed of a television that was turned off when in real life they were experiencing their parents having a divorce and chose to leave their mother. The mother offered to allow the child to move back in with them at anytime, but the child didn't want to. The television turned off represents the experience of living with the mother that the child wasn't interested in having.



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