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To dream of a stripper represents an aspect of your personality that teases or tantalizes other people. Lying to other people about liking them. Promising something desirable to others with no intention of handing it over. Arrogant manipulation of others with fake promises. Feeling used or lied to about something incredible. Using good looks or popularity to manipulate others.

To dream that you are a stripper may reflect waking life situations where you are showing off with something incredible to manipulate others. Lying to people to get things from them. Feelings about yourself being so attractive or unique that you can rub it in other people's faces. Using or manipulating people. Abusing your gifts, talents, or special traits to get what you want. Pretending you like people to get something from them.

Negatively, dreaming of being a stripper may reflect your awareness of yourself having to lower standards or integrity in order achieve a goal.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a room filled with strippers. In waking life he was being promised a lot of money from someone who ended up being a big liar who left him feeling embarrassed and cheated because he talked about all big things he was going to do with the money to his friends.

To dream that you are stripping may represent your attempt to tease or taunt others with desire. Making others feel close to their goals while keeping them out of reach.

To see someone stripping may reflect a goal that you feel is taunting you or always out of reach.

*Please See Lap Dance



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