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To dream of a stove represents your thoughtful focus on progress, momentum, or getting something done. Slow, careful, or long term preparations. Preparing something important or special in your life. Confidence that you can prepare to do something if you want to. Carefully putting your plans together to make something happen.

Cooking on a stove represents projects, plans, or ideas that are underway. Getting ready for a certain type of experience. Something you are expecting something to happen soon.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of putting something on a stove and moving it around from the front to back burner. In waking life she was constantly delaying making a career for herself. He kept putting ambitions "off on the back burner."

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being jealous over her stove not being fixed. In waking life she was having a jealous argument over her home renovations.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing Greg from Greg and Dharma the TV show standing beside a stove leaning to the side to tell someone acting deranged he had no interest in any dealing with him at all wanted to move on to other things. "Too personal" he says. In waking life he was preparing to tell someone he thought was criminally irresponsible that he had no interest in any business dealings with him whatsoever. He was much more interested in thoughtfully preparing his own business plans.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her stove with another smaller stove inside the oven and got her husband to check out the smaller stove which he said worked fine. This caused the woman to cry. In waking life the woman was capable of preparing to leave her husband to start a new life and didn't like that the relationship couldn't be fixed. In this case the stove inside the stove represented her capability to thoughtfully prepare to move away and leave her husband which would allow her to plan a new life once she did. This scared her.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a bird that was loose in her home burning his feet on her stove. In waking life was experiencing some relationship frustrations with the man she was dating. In this case the stove that bird burns it's feet on may have reflected her feelings about herself thoughtfully making plans in her life unrelated to her relationship that caused jealousy with the man she was dating with moving in together.

*Please See Oven

*Please See Kitchen



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