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To dream of real functioning window shutters represents signals about what you or someone else really feels about a situation. An indicator of mood or openness. Positively, shutters may reflect an unwillingness to be be noticed by others in a degrading, risky, or embarrassing manner.

To dream of closed window shutters represents an unwillingness to be noticed liking something. It may also reflect closing others off or not wanting to be involved with a situation. It may also point to sensitivity about situations having to feel good all the time.

Negatively, closed shutters may represent a childish attempt to avoid noticing something happening that can't be stopped. Closed window shutters may also reflect you or someone else that is being a prude or snob. Wanting to be noticed by others as being better than them.

To dream of decorative window shutters represents a preference to be noticed by others as having a lovely life. Feeling good noticing everything happening in your life is always perfect.

Negatively, decorative window shutters may reflect appearances without substance. Trying too hard to appear like everything in your life is perfect.

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