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To dream of a mummy in a tomb represents an aspect of yourself that is remembered for its accomplishments, achievements, or who you are as though it never goes away. Feeling professionally or carefully preserved as a person in certain way.

Negatively, dreaming about a mummy may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else that did something respectable once and never gets to forget it as the only thing you did. Feelings about a situation or person being too serious about staying exactly the way they are to the point that it scares you. Feeling professionally or carefully preserved as a person in a way that isn't working or that's lost. Feeling unintelligent for needing to explain to others why it's important to permanently respect yourself or a situation that isn't working anymore. A situation so awful it professionally stays respected or honored as failed. Feeling good that your life or winning is overwith in some way so you respect yourself staying the way you are for the rest of your life. Preserved losing or outdated methods.

To dream of a mummy chasing you or touching represents fear or anxiety about being carefully preserved in a way you don't like. Terrifying yourself that you'll be remembered for never having done anything different. Feeling useless or impotent to change. Feeling that you are never going to accomplish anything different, become recognized for something else, or make your mark on the world with something innovative. You may be experiencing a midlife crisis. Avoiding feeling carefully or professionally preserved.

Example: C.G. Jung once dreamed of mummies coming after him. In waking life he was going through a midlife crisis. In this case the mummies chasing him may have reflected his feelings about running away or avoiding feeling "professionally preserved as a person" not doing anything else in life with his midlife crisis.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of observing herself being mummified and thinking that she would die before the mummification ended. In waking life she was stuck in a contract not able to get a new contract. The mummification may have reflected her feelings about looking weak or unprofessional being too professionally respectful to a current contract that was outdated.

*Please See Tomb



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