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Japanese People

To dream of Japanese people represents aspects of your personality that are extremely sensitive about noticing anything wrong or dishonest. Behavior or social situations that is professionally immune and expect it in return. Sensitivity about appearances of total honesty, perfect orderliness, perfect respect, or perfect professionalism. Not liking anything out of order, immoral, dangerous, or dirty at all. Feeling that you need to perfectly notice nothing wrong in order to deserve respect. Social interaction where people are very sensitive about never being treated stupid. A sense of fearlessness about why everything you or someone else does is clean. Serious or militant sensitivity about honesty. Sensitivity that one mistake or dishonest action will make someone very angry.

Negatively, dreaming about Japanese people represents a heightened sense of anxiety about problems getting worse or nervousness about not doing something perfect. Feeling that a person or situation may be very insensitive to you if you aren't perfectly honest or don't perfectly notice that nothing is wrong. Behavior that is focused on respecting people first while not wanting anyone getting you back. Feelings about people being angry with you for not being perfectly honest, clean, or professional.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a Japanese style church. In waking life she was frustrated over the current condition of her church not being faithful enough.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a Japanese man killing his friend. In waking life he had lost his confidence and was feeling down. The Japanese man in this case may have reflected he feelings about having his confidence withdrawn because he wasn't perfect enough to deserve someone else's respect.

Example 3: A woman dreamed being in a room with people wearing Japanese style robes. In waking life she had been catching up with old friends of whom she had no good or bad personal feelings about, but was careful to respect their feelings.

Example 4: A man had of a lot of Japanese symbolism in his dream such as a Japanese apartment, Japanese horror movie, and a Japanese Ghost demon. In waking life he was being separated from the military for being underweight and worried about his separation papers costing him a lot of money on uniforms due to mistakes in the forms. The Japanese symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about how serious military life was and the serious honesty requirements it made of him.

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