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Hot Tub

To dream of a hot tub represents comfortable feelings about enjoying uncertainty, danger, risk, or dishonesty as though nothing is wrong with it. Dishonest or risky thoughts, emotions, or habits that are comfortable, pleasurable, or leisurely. A common symbol for masturbation or viewing pornography. It may also reflect your relaxed enjoyment of situation that you know is wrong all the time.

To dream of seeing sexually attractive people in a hot tub can symbolize your need to feel good with sexual fantasies, comfort with masturbation that is felt to be immoral, or comfort with cheating on someone with a romantic relationship.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband vomit in a hot tub. In waking life she believed that her husband was cheating on her and was experiencing a lot of frustration in her relationship after confronting her husband about it. The hot tub in this case may have reflected her feelings about her husband's comfort level cheating on her.

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