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To dream of an acoustic guitar represents encouraging others to feel good noticing how special or interesting you are by not looking at yourself. Trying to feel good impressive to others by not being impressive. Feeling good to others by intentionally not feeling better than others. Trying to make others feel good about who you are or find you interesting. Feeling good to others never needing a physical confrontation. Being love with what you are doing and hoping others like it too.

To dream of an electric guitar represents encouraging others to feel good noticing how totally awesome, never weak, or cool you are. Feeling good being dangerous edgy about why nothing can stop you. Projecting feelings about yourself being dangerously cooler or exceptionally more exciting than other people. Feelings about oneself being the coolest thing anyone has ever seen. Projecting feelings about nothing weak about everything happening being awesome or everlasting.

Negatively, dreaming about an electric guitar may be a sign that you are trying too hard to show off or impress other people. Feeling good being dangerous about why nothing can stop you.
Feeling good dangerously never losing.

Guitar dreams may also be common to people in a band to reflect issues with the band. Frustrations with practicing.

Example: A man dreamed of finding his guitar smashed and then thinking of replacing it with a new white one. In waking life he was experiencing problems with his wife sexually and was considering trying to improve the relationship.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone sitting in a garage on a folding chair playing a guitar. In waking life he was a gay male who was expecting a another gay male to leave his wife while also preparing to enter drug rehab. The guitar playing in the garage may have reflected the gay dreamers feelings about the potential relationship waiting for him (garage) while he waited for other man to leave his partner and deal with the drug addiction (guitar playing).

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of buying a 25 dollar guitar for her brother when he didn't know how to use it. In waking life she had a bad argument with her brother and hadn't spoken to him in over a year and didn't like noticing him arguing with their mother. In this case the guitar she bought for her brother which he didn't know how to use may have reflected her thoughts about giving her bother opportunities or signals to attempt to feel good not being impressive to her to help initiate a reconciliation.



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