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To dream of an open field represents feelings of no obstacles or openness to a situation that doesn't end. Freedom and happiness together. Doing whatever you want without problems, conflict, or obstacles. A situation is an "open field" with options or no obstacles to stop you. Feeling that stability or openness in a situation will not go away. A situation or experience where you feel there is no end in site. Freedom from social pressure or the freedom to be yourself with natural inclinations. Expanse of some area of your life. A period of personal growth, self-improvement, advancement because of no limitations or obstacles.

Positively, an open field may represent abundance, freedom, and happiness. Limitlessness to a situation. No limits to opportunities. It may also reflect a period of personal growth.

Negatively, dreaming about an open field may represent overconfidence in the openness or stability of a situation. Believing that freedom, having no obstacles, or the openness of a situation will never end. Enjoying peace or stability before being required to confront inevitable obstacles. The openness of a situation that is waiting to set you up for conflict to occur. Feeling free without obstacles in the interim knowing something will eventually become a problem.

To dream of freshly plowed soil in a crop field represents field represents openness of opportunity or productivity. Readiness to "begin again" in some productive or developmental process. Readiness to work a situation that is pointing towards work. Readiness to "plant seeds" of creativity.

To dream of a crop field represents feelings of plentifulness or abundance of a situation based on the symbolism of the particular crop growing. Productiveness, progressiveness, profitability, or readiness to "harvest" some area of your life.

To see dead or barren field may represent pessimism or feeling that you have poor prospects for the future.

Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a field of dead carcasses. In waking life she was experiencing herself needing to walk away from a seemingly endless number of failing opportunities to move on with her life towards a new one. The open field with dead carcasses in this case may have reflected her open feelings about unending failing opportunities.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an open field next to a forest. In waking life she was having concerns about being laid off from work and finding a new job. The open field in this case may have reflected her feelings about the openness of job possibilities or feeling that there was no serious pressure for a long time while she lived her life waiting for a new job.

*Please See Corn Field

*Please See Wheat



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