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To dream of a field represents plenitude. Feeling that something is always there or will never go away. No matter what you do a certain type of experience is always occurring. A situation where you feel there is no end in site.

Positively, a field may represent abundance, freedom, and happiness. It may also reflect a period of personal growth. Negatively, a field may represent hopelessness, overwhelming loss, or feeling that something will never end. A problem with no end in sight.

To dream of freshly plowed fields represents personal growth, self-improvement, or advancement.

To see dead or barren field may represent pessimism or feeling that you have poor prospects for the future.

Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a field of dead carcasses. In waking life she was experiencing herself needing to walk away from a seemingly endless number of failing opportunities to move on with her life towards a new one.

*Please See Corn Field

*Please See Wheat



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