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To dream of earthworms represents feelings of annoyance that something won't prefer to stay unnoticed. Feeling annoyed that you need to see someone you don't want to. Feeling annoyed that someone is getting attention when you prefer that they stay away. Jealousy of a friend or family taking too much to someone you want to talk to wish that they would go away. Feeling someone is a little big crazy or dishonest about being involved in a situation that you don't want to to be. Annoyance that someone will not let you enjoy yourself doing what your doing.

Feelings of disgust of having a unwanted person noticed involved in your life. Parents, friends, family members, or wacky people whose behavior embarrasses you and prefer to not have it around you. People who aren't popular who embarrass you, or mentally ill people whose behavior embarrasses you and prefer to not have around you.

To dream that you are an earthworm represents feelings about yourself embarrassing or annoying other people with being noticed when they don't want you around.

Example: A high-school girl dreamed of having her best friend dump earthworms all over her. In real life she was trying to ask a boy to a dance and her friend would always interrupt her whenever she got close to the boy. The earthworms reflected her feelings about being annoyed that her friend wouldn't stay out of her way no matter how hard she tried to talk to the boy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of earthworms. In waking life she was placing her husband in a care facility because he had dementia. The earthworms in this case may have reflected her feelings about annoyance of her husbands behavior from his dementia and preferring to have him be unnoticed.



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