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To dream of clothing represents the personality. Consider the style, value, and color of the clothing for additional meaning.

To dream of buying new clothes may represent your wish to change your personality, mood, or how you act around others. Wanting to project yourself as a "new person" to other people after recovering from a problem or making a major change in your life. Trying to be more positive or enthusiastic about life.

To dream of someone wearing your clothes may represent feelings about other people living roles that you feel are normally yours.

To dream of being well dressed may represent feeling good about yourself. Feeling attractive, smart, or like a winner in a waking life situation. Enjoying a life role.

To dream of changing clothing represents a change of attitude, behavior, interest, or focus. Changing how you act or feel. Approaching a situation differently or choosing to change.

To dream of clothing that is too tight represents the personality or how you act that is restricting you or holding you back.

To dream of being unable to find your clothes for an important occasion may represent feelings of being unable to meet the obligations, demands, or expectations of others.

To dream of black clothing represents the personality being fearful or excessive. Ask yourself where in your life you are afraid or obsessed. Fear, ambition, or negative intentions are out of balance.

To dream of dark green clothing may represent the personality being greedy, arrogant, or totally preoccupied with the self. Suicidal thoughts or jealousy are sometimes reflected by dark green.

To dream of light green clothing represents the personality that is healing or improving. It may also reflect jealousy.

To dream of white clothing represents the personality being genuine or having good intentions. Alternatively, white clothing may represent purification of bad habits or a negative area of your life.

To dream of pink clothing represents the personality that is lustful or consumed by ambition. It may also reflect strong sexual desire. Pink clothing may be a sign that you should be careful not to rush anything.

To dream of taking off layers of clothing represents feelings of discarding unpleasant or unneeded characteristics about yourself. People who dream of taking off layers of clothing are often experiencing significant weight loss. The dreams are most likely a reflection of the feelings of shedding their "fat person" personality characteristics.

To dream of second hand clothing may reflect feelings about behaving a certain way after other people already have. Experience, power, or responsibility passed down to you or made acceptable after someone else already had it. Feeling that behaving a certain way might not matter anymore.

See the themes section for clothing for a more in-depth look at clothing symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of having clothes that were ragged with holes in them and deciding to throw the clothes away. In waking life she was beginning to recover on her own after having left the hospital and was beginning to tell people that she didn't need their assistance anymore. Throwing away the old clothes with holes in them may have reflected her "throwing away" her victim or helpless hospital personalty.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend wearing her clothes and being annoyed by it. In waking life she had moved in with her boyfriend and felt out of place as she adjusted to her new home.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of trying to get dressed and having difficulty. In waking life she was preparing for an important spiritual conference and felt unable to be confident having a perfect personality that reflected integrity and high standards of service.

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