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To dream of a bullfrog represents feelings of arrogance or disgust related to a something not working out the way you hoped. Feelings about behavior that arrogantly accepts itself and not doing what you want. Arrogance that stays the way it is never caring about what anyone else is thinking at all. Obscene or scary confrontation with a person who notices a problem and doesn't care about it. Aggressively not believing in something being possible ever again and not even thinking of trying to. Non-functioning behavior that feels ignorant or scary that it won't do anything except stay the way it is. Non-working behavior that you can't do anything about. Childish, arrogant, disgusting slob behavior that you fear will attack you if you bring up an issue about something that isn't working.

Negatively, dream about a bullfrog may reflect feelings of acceptance of something that doesn't work out when it's dangerous, unpleasant. Fear of Feeling that something you want from someone is simply not going to happen by asking. Behavior that is not a grownup, but forces to you accept its ignorance, arrogance, or obscene laziness. Noticing a problem and feeling fear that someone wouldn't choose to change while being lazy or dangerously accepting themselves the way they are. Feeling cheated by someone and then experience them acting arrogant about accepting it the way it is never being fixed.

Example: A woman dreamed of her son being up to his neck in a mud-filled pond and then getting out with a rope. As the soon was close to getting out of the mud-filled pond he was confronted by a bullfrog. In waking life the woman's son had a lot of problems including unemployment and felt his life would never work normally again. In this case the bullfrog may have reflected her feelings about her son's feeling unwillingness to pursue a job harder than he already was.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a bullfrog attacking the foundation of a home. In waking life she discovered that her boyfriend had cheated on her making trusting him again very difficult. He broke up with her and she was having trouble getting over him. In this case the bullfrog may have reflected her feelings about her relationship with the ex not working out while feeling arrogant about why it needed to remain that way on purpose since the boyfriend choose to break up with her after he cheated on her.

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