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To dream of bricks represents solidarity or endurance. Issues or situations that force you to constantly "know" how secure or stable they are. Bricks may also reflect something in your life that is meant to last. Feelings about something being meant to last.

To dream of a brick house represents a perspective on a situation that is secure, unwavering, or confident. An outlook on life that doesn't even think of cancelling easy. Confidence that never has to say it has a problem again. A perspective on a situation with solidarity that doesn't mind being mean about why it's not listening.

To dream of a brick wall represents feelings of solidarity about an obstacle that isn't cancelling easy. Feelings that you will have to stop something you are doing because you have to. Feelings of a situation making you feel that enough is enough. Feelings that a situation will never let you do something you want anymore. A secure, unwavering, or confident obstacle that isn't allowing anything else with what you are doing anymore. Feeling that there is nothing else left to do except listen to something or someone tell you to stop. Feelings about someone who has had enough of something and isn't going to accept anymore. Feeling that you have to stop or there might be painful or damaging consequences for yourself. An obstacle situation that isn't listening to anything except why it's tough.

Example: A woman dreamed of a truck carrying a load of bricks that was beginning to spill the bricks. In real life she was having trouble paying her mortgage. The bricks falling off the truck reflected her feelings about how serious and enduring the debt would be if there were any missing payments on her mortgage. She may have felt that every last dollar counts which each brick representing money lost.

Example 2: A man dreamed of standing in front a white brick wall. In waking life he confronted the first day of the powerful spiritual challenge of his life. The white brick wall may have reflected his feelings about being perfectly honest as a challenge that wouldn't let him progress without it. No more time could be wasted getting to do anything except stop all bad habits immediately.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a teenage girl outside a brick home before being hit by a truck. In waking life the woman she was frustrated with her teenage daughter and moving out after deciding to leave her partner. In this case the brick home may have reflected her feelings about her daughter feeling that life was secure and confident before news of breaking up with her partner came causing their lives to change.



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