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To dream of being totally bald in a dream represents your mindset being totally unconcerned. Not caring about consequences or outcomes at all. It may also reflect a total lack of feeling or remorse for what you are doing to others. Total baldness could also represent fearlessness about a problem you're confronting.

Alternatively, being bald may reflect total change of attitude or beliefs. Not caring about what you used to think or believe at all.

To dream of seeing a bald person represents you or some aspect of your personality that is free of distraction, or totally focused. Fearlessness. It may also represent a mindset that is totally unconcerned with consequences or feelings. Negatively, you may also feel that a person or situation is heartless.

To see a bald black person in a dream symbolizes your belief that something is permanently lost or your desire for things you can't believe are ever going to happen. You may not be able to focus on or believe in anything else.

To dream of bald evil or bad people symbolizes negative personality traits that are unsympathetic or have no remorse. Fears of things that you feel are insensitive to your well-being. Bald evil people may also reflect your own lack of remorse that is going overboard.

Example: A man dreamed of a bald man guiding him around a scary building. In waking life he was totally focused on dealing with his personal problems and facing fears he had. The bad man reflected his complete lack of distraction as he tried to deal with his problems.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an insecure bald black man with his head down. In waking life he was totally preoccupied with a mysterious health problem that he feared would never go away.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being concerned about going bald from medical treatment. In waking life she was concerned with something mean she said to someone that she couldn't take back. In this case the balding may have reflected her dislike of herself being perceived by others as having a thinking style that never cares about other people's feelings at all or too professionally empty.

*Please See Hair Loss



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