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To dream of honey represents feelings of kindness that never wants you to feel stupid. Easiness that is nice to you all the time. Feelings about everything being wonderfully caring about your feelings with nothing wrong at all. Specialness where every single thing cares about your feelings. Behavior or an experience that feels good being generously nice about every single thing you are feeling. Feeling good that everything you are feeling counts and can't believe it doesn't have to stop. A situation that feels good all the time without thinking twice about stopping it. Situations where you or someone else is perfectly wonderful or giving. You or someone else that is trying their hardest to make someone else feel good or do everything for them. A general feeling of well-being or satisfaction. Feeling that people never stop being nice to you or your own attempt to be extra nice to other people all the time. Unquestioned loving support of a romantic partner. The "sweetness" of the personality. Feeling good that nothing is ever wrong.

Alternatively, dreaming about honey may reflect feelings about pleasure, sexual experiences, or luxury.

Negatively, dreaming about honey may reflect feelings about a selfish need for pleasure or generous non-stop support. Feeling that everyone is nice to you all the time on the condition that you do something or try something. Feeling good that nothing is ever wrong when it annoys someone else.

To dream of honey in a hive represents a risky reward. Taking a chance to feel good or gain something. An goal or objective that is dangerous to have.

Example: A girl dreamed of being offered free honey that disgusted her. In waking life she needed a job badly and was only offered an unpaid internship. The honey that disgusted her reflected her feelings a generous job experience opportunity that she felt was selfish about using her for free labor.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of putting honey on her air. In waking life she was trying extra hard to be nice to people.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of the moon beaming the taste of honey in her mouth and then losing it being left only remembering it. In waking life she was a reborn Christian. In this case the honey she tasted may have reflected her feelings about people in her church being extra nice to her after she became a reborn Christian after she was initiated and then not having to be extra nice to her afterwards because she wasn't a new church member anymore.



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