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To dream of light blue represents feelings about positivity, thoughtfulness, truth that doesn't embarrass anyone, sensitivity, kindness, not being mean, or feeling that a situation cares about you. Thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are healthy, helpful, genuine, and honest. Feelings about a very positive situation or positive choice.

To dream of dark blue represents feelings of insensitivity, professional honesty, cold facts, or brutal honesty that's good for you while feeling mean. Feelings about a very difficult situation that is in your best interest. Thoughts, comments, or situations that feel cold and uncaring while being completely honest. Something positive that lacks concern for other people's feelings. Situations where you or someone else is being cold, blunt, or harsh. Authority or parents who embarrass you with their strict safety policies that feel unfair. Honest jerks. Being mean to people because it's in their best interest. Being mean to people who aren't listening to your feelings.

To dream of royal blue represents feelings about deserving to believe in yourself with authority and confidence that everything you do is working out as long as everything you do respects the truth. Deserving honesty without a problem. Professionalism about believing in the truth as the reason you don't have problems. Feelings about not deserving problems because you tell the truth all the time. Confidence and professionalism about getting ahead.

Example: A young boy dreamed of falling into a scary basement where he saw his father turn on a blue light. In waking life, he was having problems dealing with his temperamental father who had returned from military service, but one day his father started to treat him nicely and their relationship became a lot more family-oriented. In this case, the color blue of the light may have reflected the positive change in his father's behavior, symbolizing newfound kindness and sensitivity.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of standing inside a light blue void. In waking life, he was experiencing a powerful spiritual awakening that made his entire life feel better. In this case, the light blue color of the void may have reflected his feelings of positivity, peace, and believing that God loved him without a problem.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone wearing blue clothes. In waking life, he was surprised to find this person helpful to him with a serious problem. In this case, the blue clothes may have reflected the person showing sensitivity and kindness in assisting with the issue.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing royal blue stained glass windows at a church. In waking life, she was trying hard to improve her relationship with God. In this case, the royal blue stained glass windows may have reflected her feeling about herself feeling good not having to worry about reestablishing her spiritual standing with God as long as she was committed to truth and integrity.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a man wearing a royal blue and beige shirt. In waking life, she was progressing at a very fast pace at work. In this case, the man wearing a royal blue and beige shirt may have reflected her feelings about confidently moving forward in her career while maintaining a sense of balance and professionalism.



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