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To dream of a zombie represented automatic or blind thinking. Feelings about people or situations that are relentlessly mindless, driven by a single motive, or can't think for themselves. Feelings about people who are blindly following others or are consumed by a singular purpose. Feelings about people being stupid, thoughtless, or making mindless decisions. Fear of a irreversible traumatic event or crisis. Mindless thinking or decisions that reckless or dangerous about ignoring the potential consequences. Your own feelings of helplessness and frustration as you watch someone close to you making poor choices or acting in a way that goes against their own values or best interests.

Zombies in dreams are a sign that you are not thinking independently or objectively. Feeling overly concerned with with what other people think. A zombie is a common symbol for someone experiencing strong peer pressure.

Negatively, dreaming about zombies may reflect powerful feelings of jealousy that you are experiencing from other people who are desperate to pull you down. Blind unthinking jealousy. Exhausting oneself mindlessly in order to stop, control, or possess one thing. Feelings about someone else's need to be socially acceptable or fit in interfering with your happiness. Conformity or blind automatic thinking with the potential to ruin you.

Alternatively, dreaming of a zombie may reflect your feelings about people in your life that are mentally ill or empty.

To dream of running away from zombies represents fear or avoidance of mindless conformity the opinions or actions of others, particularly if you perceive them as thoughtless or narrow-minded. Avoidance of a jealous person that you perceive to be mindless, relentless, driven by a single motive, or can't think for themselves. You may also fear losing something special because someone jealous is desperate to pull you down with them. Avoiding an annoying follower.

To dream of your mother being infected by zombies may represent feelings about your intuitive sense of safety or ability to make safe choices for the future being being compromised by peer pressure or status quo. Feelings about a negative influence that is spreading and consuming the dreamer's intuitive self, leading to a loss of control and a sense of being overwhelmed. Someone or something that is influencing the dreamer's decision-making, leading to automatic or blind thinking and preventing the dreamer from making independent choices. Feeling that you intuitive sense is influenced by outside forces, leading to feelings of fear, insecurity, or frustration. Feelings about being unable to escape peer pressure situations, bad luck, jealousy, or fearing what other people think. Alternatively, it may reflect your fear that your mother is losing her ability to think independently and make wise decisions for herself. The dreamer's struggle to balance between their own thoughts and feelings and the expectations or pressures from others.

To dream of killing or defeating zombies may reflect your resolve to stand up against pressures, influences, or behaviors that you perceive as mindless or damaging. Actively resisting peer pressure or attempting to correct your own thoughtless behavior. Waking life situations where you are confronting mindless or automatic thinking. Confronting people you think are jealous of you in an unthinking or ignorant manner. It might also symbolize overcoming fears or negative influences that you feel have been mindlessly driving your actions or decisions. Dealing with a difficult situation in your waking life, where you felt others were acting without thinking or consideration. This could be in relation to personal relationships, work situations, or social dynamics.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a zombie. In waking life, he was very insecure about things he said on an Internet message forum to someone and carefully spent a lot of time deleting those comments fearing embarrassment that they would be read by someone. In this case, the zombie may have reflected his fear of his own actions, behaving mindlessly and reactively, as he scrambled to delete the comments he regretted posting.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of zombies. In waking life, she was grounded by parents and felt that they never cared about listening to her point of view while making sure she endured her full punishment. In this case, the zombies may have reflected her perception of her parents as creepy mindless enforcers of punishment, blindly sticking to their decision to ground her without considering her feelings or perspectives.

Example 3: A young girl dreamed of zombies. In waking life, she was very insecure about her social skills and talking to people. She tended to go along with the crowd as a way to avoid having to reveal her weak social skills. In this case, the zombies may have reflected her feelings about herself and others in her social circle as mindlessly conforming, being driven by a singular motive to fit in and not stand out while attacking each other for doing anything different.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of a dead zombie being kept alive. In waking life, her she was trying to keep a long-term relationship alive even though she felt it was dead. In this case, the dead zombie she was trying to keep alive may have reflected her feelings about the 'zombified' state of existence of her relationship that she knew she was wasting her time with.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing zombies and having to kill them with an axe which was becoming heavy in her left hand. In waking life, she was taking care of Alzheimer's patients while trying to go to school. In this case, the zombies may have reflected her feelings about the patients she cared for, who may have appeared mindless or 'zombified' due to their illness.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of trying to escape zombies. In waking life, she was jealous of never getting to pay off her debts because of peer pressure at school to party a lot. In this case, the zombies may have reflected her feelings about her peers who seemed mindlessly focused on partying and having fun, disregarding the potential consequences. Their relentless pressure for her to join in, despite her concerns about her financial stability, might have left her feeling as if she was being pursued by a 'horde' of thoughtless, one-track-mind individuals.



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