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To dream of wind represents the unsettled emotions and situations in your life. Resistance or turbulence. The instability of change and the feeling that a situation is not easy enough to breeze through. The influx of new experiences and emotions into your life due to the changes in your personal circumstances. People or situations giving you a problem when you don't believe you have to listen to it. Palpable shifts in your environment, relationships, or personal circumstances.

Consider the strength of the wind for additional meaning.

To dream of strong winds may reflect the the stress, anxiety, or turbulence of unpleasant changes happening in your life that you find challenging. Feelings of instability, unpredictability, or fear of change. A turbulent adjustment to something unpleasant. Experiencing strong resistance in your life. Facing pressure to stop doing something you want or a person that doesn't like what you are doing. You may feel forced to reconsider a situation or choice. A turbulent period in your life, where you feel swept away by circumstances beyond your control.

To dream of light winds or light breeze may represent feelings about subtle changes, light resistance, and unsettled emotions about unpredictable situations in your life that are easy to manage. The vigor and excitement of the unexpected. Feeling good thinking that something in your life is easy to get through. The gentleness of a new idea or new beginning challenging you to do something about it. A refreshing change, a breath of fresh air, or the arrival of new opportunities. Handling change with relative ease or resilience.

Example: A man dreamed of walking around on a very cold windy street with no coat. In waking life, he felt abandoned by a business partner and had to restart his life all on his own. In this case, the wind may have reflected his feelings about how unpleasant it felt to resist or confront the instability in his life on his own after the business partner abandoned him. The cold wind may have also reflected the emotional chill and the daunting realities of having to face a significant transition alone.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a light breeze wind blowing outside coming through a broken window. In waking life, she had recently moved and was dealing with all the changes it brought upon her children while being recently separated from her husband. In this case, the light breeze may have reflected her feelings about the subtle changes and uncertainties happening in her life, which she was managing without her ex-husband despite the challenges.



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