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To dream of the wilderness represents feelings of being on your own or having to fend for yourself. A sense of being disconnected from helpful relationships or the comforts of the familiar while feeling that you have to put up with it. Situations that are unknown, unexplored, or unpredictable. A journey or a phase in life where you are venturing into the unknown, facing the unexpected, or dealing with aspects of yourself or your life that are unfamiliar and challenging.

Positively, dreaming about the wilderness may reflect feelings of being uninhibited and free. You may feel that there are no restrictions holding you back. A sense of adventure, freedom, and the opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. A conscious decision to step out of your comfort zone, explore new horizons, or embrace changes in your life. The wilderness in a dream could be indicative of a period of learning, exploration, and the development of inner strength and resilience.

Negatively, dreaming about the wilderness may represent feelings of being lost and unable to find your way out of emotional struggles while being on your own. Feelings about being socially on your own because you've lost friends. Feelings of isolation, vulnerability, or confusion. Feelings of being lost, directionless, or overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control. Perhaps you are facing problems or situations that you find daunting and intimidating. Facing challenges or obstacles that make you feel lost or unprepared. The wilderness could also represent a lack of guidance or support, forcing you to rely on your own instincts and resources. Fears about being unable to navigate through difficult circumstances or emotions.

Wildness dreams may be common to people who feel socially disconnected from friends and family, are getting divorced, or are currently unemployed while looking for a job.

Example: A teenage girl had recurring dreams of being chased by alligators on the same path in the wilderness near a large water body. In waking life, she was experiencing strained friendships at school. In this case, the wilderness may have reflected her feelings about navigating the unfamiliar and challenging social landscape at school on her own.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking in the wilderness. In waking life, he was experiencing a marriage separation, a pending divorce, and learning to become a single parent. In this case, the wilderness may have reflected his feelings of being on his own and facing the unknown territory of being a single parent after his marriage ended. The dream symbolized the emotional and practical challenges he was encountering and the sense of venturing into uncharted territory in his life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in the wilderness. In waking life, he had been arguing with his wife for weeks before they both got over it. In this case, the wilderness may have reflected his feelings of navigating through the emotional turmoil and uncertainty of his strained relationship with his wife. The wilderness symbolizes the difficult and unpredictable nature of their arguments, and the sense of feeling lost or disconnected from the stability and comfort of a harmonious relationship. The dream may have highlighted his internal struggle to find a resolution and a path back to a peaceful and loving connection with his wife.

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