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To dream of your current wife represents an aspect of your personality or area of your life that is a supportive source of passive confidence. Emotional support, nurturing, intuition, and passive safety that you rely on. An aspect of yourself that is permanently supportive by being more passive and safer than you are. Feeling that you are committed to behavior or a habit that is more passively safer than you usually are. It may represent a nurturing, supportive, and resilient aspect of yourself that you can rely on during difficult times. A nurturing, supportive, and resilient person in your waking life who provides unwavering support and guidance during difficult times. Feeling that you deserve to be confident in a passive state even if it means getting angry or yelling first to achieve it.

Negatively, dreaming of your wife may represent a passively safer area of your life that has always worked that's starting to have problems. Feeling stuck with passivity that doesn't do anything except say it's better. Overdoing relying on nurturing, supportive, and resilient aspects of yourself that you rely on during difficult times. A feeling of dependence on a supportive source of nurturing, supportive safety, and passivity, leading to a lack of confidence and self-reliance. Feeling "married" to an emotional aspect of yourself that doesn't help. Relying on anger to stay passive.

Dreaming of a husband and wife may also reflect a theme of conscience and intuition where the man represents the conscience about decision-making and the woman represents the intuition about safety for the future. An example would be a fat husband and a wife that is too skinny. The husband may reflect a conscience or style of decision-making that is lazy while the wife would represent an intuition or future thinking for safety that isn't strong. Famous people oddly pared as couples may reflect a style of conscience and intuition based on their most apparent traits.

Alternatively, your wife may reflect your current projection of her and your current relationship. Anxieties or fears about the future of your relationship with your wife. Dissatisfaction with the relationship in waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a husband and wife. In waking life she had decided to she wanted to move, but intuitively knew it wasn't safe to because she couldn't afford to.

Example 2: A man dreamed that Evangeline Lilly was his wife. In waking life he was repeatedly talking back to someone about never listening to them ask him to reduce himself again because he believed he was important enough to deserve to be better than that. He felt he deserved to passively respect himself passed the demands made of him. In this case, the wife symbolism may have reflected the man's desire for a strong confident passivity that didn't deserve to be asked twice.

Example 3: A female healthcare worker dreamed of seeing the dead wife of a male patient she was taking care of. In waking life, the woman experienced a dying male patient making a full recovery when it was expected that the patient would die. She was very religious and feared that man would not have an opportunity to be saved by God. In this case, the wife may have reflected the woman's feelings about the man "being married" to deserving to live as though God was supportive, nurturing, and intuitive about keeping him alive against all odds.

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