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Wedding Ring

To dream of a wedding ring represents feelings about accepting a commitment, stability, security or a promise. Enjoying never having to say you'll ever stop loving, caring or being loyal to someone or something. Feeling that a promise or commitment made will last forever. It may also represent feelings of completion, perfection, or eternity in regards to a relationship or situation. A deep sense of loyalty. Loyalty to a lifestyle change.

Alternatively, a wedding ring may represent your desire to be married or deeply committed to someone. A deep connection or bond with someone, or a desire for one.

Negatively, a wedding ring can represent feelings of being trapped, limited, or obligated to someone or something. It may also reflect a fear of commitment or a fear of losing freedom and independence. Difficulty getting over a commitment or relationship that you are jealous isn't permanent. Desiring a commitment or relationship that isn't possible.

To dream of giving a wedding ring away represents giving up or rejecting a commitment of some sort. Walking away from promises or permanent plans for the future.

To dream of a diamond wedding ring represents commitment, loyalty, and fidelity in a way that feels perfect about being permanent. The diamond ring may also symbolize a promise or a vow that has been made and is expected to be fulfilled. Feelings of permanence or that something you are involved with is for the rest of your life.

To dream of dropping a wedding ring represents a sense of commitment, stability, security or promise in some area of your life that has been lost or that you made a mistake with. Feelings of losing something valuable lost or a fear of making a mistake in a significant manner. It could also represent a feeling of clumsiness or lack of attention to detail in waking life. It may also symbolize a loss of love or a shift in the dynamic of the relationship. Feeling that you can't be respected because of a mistake. Feelings about making a relationship mistake. Anxieties about marriage failure or wedding cancellations.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a guy she liked with a wedding ring on his finger. In waking life, she harbored secret fantasies of being married to him. In this case the wedding ring may reflect her fears or concerns about the man's availability or commitment, and her desire to have a committed relationship with him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her mother walking upstairs and then seeing a person's hands throwing a wedding ring down. In waking life her sister was getting married after being broken up for 4 years. In this case the wedding ring may reflect how the dreamer is letting go of negative emotions or beliefs about her sisters marriage having ever been a failure.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of getting a custom gold band wedding ring to get married to royalty whom she never ends up seeing in the dream. In waking life, she had recently ended a friendship with a man who helped her a lot and was well-liked by her children, but there were issues with boundaries and mixed signals. The custom wedding ring in the dream may reflect her desire for a committed and exclusive relationship with the male friend, who acted like a husband figure and provided personal attention, but never fulfilled her hopes for a romantic relationship.



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