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Video Arcade Game

To dream of a video arcade game represents a temporary escape or blocking out reality with distractions by challenging yourself to see how far you can take a situation that is based on the symbolism of the type of arcade game. Something happening in your life that is encouraging you to waste time, bid time, or wait for something more important or interesting to happen. Feeling surrounded by various opportunities to waste time, bide time, or wait for something more important or interesting to happen. You may be trying to escape from reality or block out your problems with distractions. Spending time with friends, engaging is fun activities that help to temporarily forget about problems.

Consider the theme or characters of the video arcade game for additional symbolism.

Example: A young man dreamed of ignoring his theatre class to play a Super Mario arcade game. In waking life, he dropped out of the theatre class, enrolled in military basic training which he dropped out of as well, and then returned to theatre class which he eventually dropped out of a second time. In this case, the Super Mario arcade video game may reflect his need to waste time doing whatever he could to challenge himself to a temporary escape or distraction from theatre class hoping his parents didn't find out.



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