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United States Of America

To dream of the United States of America (USA) represents a mindset that thinks about itself as deserving of independence, opportunity, or freedom. Independent thought or behavior. Never believing you can't do something. Never deserving to accept limitations. Doing whatever you want or never allowing obstacles to get in your way. Feeling surrounded by situations or people with a mindset that deserves independence, opportunity, or freedom. A can-do" attitude and ambition. Thinking about yourself always deserving to believe in yourself with freedom. Believing in your ability to achieve your aspirations, overcome challenges, and succeed. A situation where you believe taking risks will lead to better outcomes. Doing everything you're capable of to maintain a free state of thinking.

Negatively, the United States Of America may reflect a mindset that overdoes believing in itself doing whatever it wants. Feeling that you are surrounded by people who are excessive, irrational, or immoral with personal freedom or independent thinking. Feelings of jealousy that other people can do whatever they want in life when you can't. A situation where you feel confronted with excessive competition, inequality, or political tension. You might feel overwhelmed by competition, comparisons, or a fear of failing in a "survival of the fittest" situation. Feeling burdened by responsibilities that come with great power or freedom. Wasting valuable resources to keep enjoying yourself. A can-do" attitude and ambition that is excessive or dangerous. You might feel overwhelmed by the notion of "survival of the fittest" or burdened by responsibilities that come with great power or freedom. Feeling stupid saying anything to other people about not being independent. You may feel that certain systemic barriers are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

To dream of being aware that you are not inside the United States of America may reflect feelings about not being able to do whatever you need to do to solve a problem or stay safe. Feeling that you are not free" or don't have the autonomy, resources, or opportunities required to achieve goals. It could represent feelings of limitation, restriction, or lacking the "can-do" spirit.

Consider the specific US State or city you were in for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of numerous scenes of America. In waking life, he experienced 30 days of the most powerful hallucinations of his entire life where he feared losing his soul and control of his own mind. In this case, the numerous scenes of America may have reflected his attempt to believe in himself no matter what keeping his sanity with control of his own mind.



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