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To dream of a tray represents feelings about making easy adjustments in a situation that might be difficult. Feeling confident that you can simply "pick up" what you are doing and do it somewhere else. Feeling good that you don't need to be an expert or prove yourself too hard with a difficult situation. Easily served a manageable situation. Feeling that changes are easy as you deal with a number of issues at once. Something in your life that cares about you having what you want easily. Feelings about how easy a situation feels being served by someone being nice to you.

To dream of a serving tray represents feelings about wisely caring about other people's feelings exactly the way they expect.

To dream of an ice tray represents feelings about readiness to reduce stress or increase your comfort level if you want to.

To dream of a breakfast tray represents feelings about easy adjustments in a situation that allows you to comfortably experience yourself accepting yourself staying the same if you want to.

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