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Train Driver

To dream of a train driver or train engineer represents an aspect of yourself with control, direction, and responsibility to keep long-term plans and goals on track. Being in complete control of a situation that is long-term goal oriented. A role you or someone else has in guiding a long-term project, responsibility, or situation that requires steady progress and attention to detail. Determination, discipline, and skill to stay focused and committed to your long-term plans or projects. Thoughts about the importance of staying on track, maintaining schedules, and ensuring the smooth flow of events or processes. Feelings about the role of a leader, guiding others along a predetermined longer-term path, that won't give up on anyone to make sure those goals stay on track. Needing to take control and make critical decisions to avoid failure in managing long-term projects.

Positively, dreaming of being a train driver could represent feelings of confidence in your ability to manage a complex and ongoing process for long-term plans or goals. It may reflect your capability to navigate the path ahead, even if it's a long and arduous journey. It could also symbolize feelings of having the necessary skills, experience, and authority to carry out your longer-term responsibilities successfully.

Negatively, dreaming about being a train driver might represent feelings of stress or burden associated with managing others or keeping long-term goals on track. It might symbolize fear of derailing from your path, making mistakes, or failing to meet expectations. Overdoing managing long-term plans that might not being important.

Example: A man dreamed of two trains running on same rail in opposite directions, one of the train drivers shouted to other train driver to stop to avoid the head on collision. He applied breaks and reversed his train to give way to other train. In waking life, the man was dealing with two incomplete projects due to financial constraints. In this case, the train drivers may have reflected his feelings about needing to take control and make critical decisions to avoid failure in managing his two long-term projects.



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