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Tow Truck

To dream of a tow truck represents decision making or self-control that is focused on assistance, support, or "carrying" other people away from difficult situations. A tow truck may reflect a person or situation that helps to keep you on the right track. It may also reflect your own attempt to support someone else through a problem. The idea of rescuing someone or something from a difficult situation by making decisions for them.

To dream of towing someone else may represent other people that are dependent on you to get through difficulties.

Example: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend's car being stolen and seeing his parents say that they saw a tow truck take it away. In waking life the woman's boyfriend was not home often due to work and communication was very little. In this case the tow truck taking the car away could reflect her feelings about the relationship being taken away by her boyfriend's busy work schedule. The tow truck may symbolize the boyfriend needing to fix his financial problems with extra work that feels like it's "stealing" his relationship away from the dreamer.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of looking for a tow truck after her car was damaged. In waking life she woke up to painful arthritis. In this case looking for a tow truck may reflect the woman's desire for medical support and assistance in dealing with her painful arthritis. She may have wanted a medical professional to "tow her away" from her pain.



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