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To dream of tentacles represents clinginess or possessiveness that feels lethal or overbearing about not choosing to let go. Behavior that notices the easiness of sticking to whatever it wants and wanting to let go. Feelings of being overpowered by possessiveness or clinginess. Behavior that is ignorant about maintaining a hold on something with an unwillingness to let go. An inability or refusal to let go. An overbearing presence, showcasing a desire to micromanage or be involved in every little detail. A feeling of having one's hand in every little thing or being overly involved in the affairs or actions of others. Tentacles suggest a need to establish healthy boundaries, both for oneself and towards others. Behavior that holds onto whatever it desires, with a notable reluctance or ignorance about the necessity to release its hold. Unhealthy imbalance in relationships or situations, where the control or involvement has reached an overwhelming extent. Frustration with his clingy, irresponsible behaviors, which she found increasingly difficult to change or escape from.

Example: A young woman dreamt of her boyfriend having tentacles on his back. In waking life, she had recently moved into an apartment with her boyfriend, both of them leaving home to start a life together. She found that once they started living together, her boyfriend demonstrated a lack of discipline, had poor time management, and wouldn't clean up after himself. He would often stay up all night playing video games, failing to get adequate rest for work the following day. She felt more like his mother than his girlfriend. In this case, the boyfriend's tentacles in the dream may have reflected her growing frustration with the 'clingy' nature of her boyfriend's irresponsible behaviors, which she found difficult to change or escape from.

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