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To dream of a teacher represents the answer or solution to a problem you have. They are beliefs, knowledge, or your projection of a something that holds the perfect solution to a problem. The realization that if you do something it will solve your problem. Coming to conclusions about problems you have. Answers you feel you would be ignorant or stupid to ignore. Intelligent attempts to mediate a problem. Feeling that someone you know "knows best." Ideas that you feel are a good idea to listen to.

Negatively, a teacher may reflect embarrassing truths or feeling the reality of a situation telling you what to do. Coming to scary or unpleasant conclusions that you realize are true. Feeling terrified that you have to do something differently than you currently are. Feeling intimidated by someone smarter than you. Resisting listening to a difficult answer.

To dream of kissing a teacher may reflect appreciation or approval of good advice. Liking someone that's helped you solve a problem.

To dream of having sex with a teacher may reflect waking life situations where you are having a really enjoyable experience listening to someone else's advice. It could reflect an enjoyable experience solving a problem or making a change you first believed would be horrible.

To dream of being a teacher may reflect feelings about how important it is to make others understand the truth. Situations where you feel the need to explain, instruct, or inform others.

Negatively, being a teacher may reflect problems with accepting others beliefs the way they are. Lecturing others when they aren't interested in listening to you. A desperate or pointless need to tell people the truth when those people don't respect you. Frustrations with being smarter or better informed that other people.

What the teacher says, wears, or does in the dream are all symbols that reflect what your problem is, or your unconscious awareness of a solution.

Consider the grade of the teacher for additional symbolism as dream numbers tend to use numerology. For example your grade 5 teacher may reflect the solution to a problem you have during a change you are experiencing because in dream numerology 5 represents change.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a teacher comfort a crying girl on in a bathroom stall. The teacher was telling the crying girl that everything will be okay and that she went through something similar when she was younger. In waking life the girl had come to the conclusion that breaking up with her boyfriend was important because the relationship had no future. She felt breaking was the answer to her problems.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being very uncomfortable talking to a teacher. In waking life he was very insecure about people whom he felt were smarter than him.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of being a teacher with no class showing up to see him. In waking life he felt the need to explain himself and tell the truth about an very embarrassing incident that occurred in order to clear his good name, but he felt nobody cared about the issue anymore. He felt it was impossible to reverse his bad reputation because people weren't respecting him at all. The teacher symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about himself needing to explain, instruct, and inform others with the truth about his situation when it was obviously pointless.



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