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To dream of the Sunset represents feelings about a situation coming to an end and that the situation is nice the way it is. The end of a phase, closure or the completion of something. You may feel a sense of nostalgia or sadness as a positive situation is coming to an end. You may feel that it's not safe to say or do anything else with the situation as it comes to a close. You like things the way they are and don't want to ruin it.

Negatively, to dream of the sunset represents the end of optimism. Good times are coming to and end or conflict is beginning. A difficult or uncomfortable situation may be starting. A phase is coming to an end. Feeling that a situation is so dangerous that you don't know what is about to happen next. Feeling that safety or confidence is fading away slowly. Anxiety that you may not be tough enough to handle a significant change that is approaching. Not liking having to do something that alters the rest of your life. Feelings about time running out to stay safe.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a sunset with a strong orange sun. In waking life he was experiencing the last moments of safety before a very difficult scary life change began.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a sunset. In waking life her parents wanted her to cutoff all her online friends. The sunset in this situation may have reflected her feelings about the last moments she could talk to her online friends for the rest of her life.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of an unrealistically big sunset. In waking life she had just left University and was having problems trying to find a job. In this case the sunset may have reflected her feelings about time running out to safely find a job.



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