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Straight Jacket

To dream of a straight jacket represents feelings about not being able to be dangerous to yourself or anyone else on purpose. Impotence to do anything accept say you aren't crazy. Feelings that nobody thinks your safe enough to do anything else in a situation. Reach and capability are being intelligently limited by someone who thinks you or someone else is not behaving safe. Not believing you are crazy and in disbelief you need to put up with people treating you like you are. Feeling forced to be stuck the way you are feeling like it might be the rest of your life. Feelings of being treated like you are not sane by someone else that makes you do nothing else on purpose. Not being allowed to be dangerous to yourself or someone else. Nothing else being noticed as dangerous until you or someone else is proven safe.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone dangerous wearing a straight jacket that was tight, but slightly loose at the arms. In waking life he was experiencing someone he felt was dangerous being intelligently restrained from being dangerous anymore while still having to feel there might be an opportunity for the dangerous to cause him more problems.

*Please See Restrained



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