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Spanish People

To dream Spanish people (from Spain) represents aspects of your personality that are passionate about noticing their passionate. A preference for putting a pleasant or positive spin on whatever is happening. Loving what you do for a living. Loving life. Optimism that is caring. Not wasting the rest of your life wanting to care about other people's problems. Optimism that doesn't control you and lets you be. You may have a strong sense of what you consider to be beautiful and may not care about others' opinions on the matter. Being in love with what you do for a living. Additionally, the dream may indicate that you feel a deeper sense of love than others and may be more intelligent about what love truly means.

Negatively, dreaming about Spanish people may represent empty promises or flattery that are made enthusiastically. You or other people that make others feels good, but never really mean it. Feeling good lying to people's faces about why everything is wonderful when it isn't. Anger that talks about it loudly or openly. Behavior that scares you that the rest of your life is on the line and you are incredible at doing everything you have to do. Feeling that a situation has to be fantastic or nobody will like you. A passionate attitude that has to notice it's passionate because nobody else ever likes anything, laughes, or feels good with other people.

Example: A man dreamed of a Spanish man walking on his left side as he moved forward towards a deep empty pit of smashed concrete, but then flying in a helicopter with the Spanish man over the pit at the last second. In waking life, the man was in a dire financial situation and had to become completely dedicated to writing a book about something he loved in order to avoid bankruptcy. Within a few years, he was able to turn his life around. The Spanish man in the dream may have reflected his passionate and determined attitude towards his work, and his need to be assertive and take risks to achieve success. The dream may have also represented his sense of relief and triumph upon overcoming his difficulties and achieving his goals.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being a Spanish man. In waking life, he was feeling anxious and stressed at work, but was also looking forward to an upcoming holiday. In this case, the Spanish man in the dream may have symbolized the dreamer's desire to tap into his passionate and confident side to enjoy the holiday despite the work stress and to remind himself that he deserves a break. It could also represent the dreamer's wish to feel more vibrant and lively.

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