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Snow White

To dream of Snow White may represent feelings about innocence, purity, and goodness that is overcoming envy or jealousy that must remain dormant until someone with good intentions saves you by approving of you. Virtue, beauty, and grace under pressure. Being "woken up" or inspired by a perfect person in your life.

Negatively, Snow White may reflect represent feelings of being kept inactive, unable to voice your thoughts or take action. Feelings of being helpless, passive, or dormant in a situation waiting for rescue. It may also reflect a feeling of being sidelined or overlooked despite being innocent, pure, or good. Alternatively, it could signify unrealistic expectations about "waking up" from a difficult situation only through the intervention of someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Snow White inside a cave wearing a yellow dress. In waking life, someone incredibly successful needed his help to fix a problem that required him to remain perfectly passive about the problem for a few months. In this case, Snow White may have reflected his feelings about himself being the 'savior' or the good-intentioned person who was needed to save the day, while having to remain patient and passive until the right moment came. In this scenario, the dreamer saw himself in the role of the 'prince' who could awaken the virtue (or solution) from its dormant state.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Snow White. In waking life, she felt that her second husband woke her up to true love. In this case, Snow White may have reflected her perception of her own innocence and purity in her new relationship, embodying virtue, beauty, and grace, having overcome previous jealousy or envy from her past.



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