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Sliding Glass Door

To dream of a sliding glass door represents feelings about smooth gradual access to change, easy opportunities with nothing in your way, or how effortless a change feels. A smooth transition towards a new option or idea. Seeing a future possibility clearly which you believe you can gradually initiate without bothering anyone.

Negatively, a sliding glass door may reflect total arrogance that believes making a change is very easy if done gradually when other people may find it very unpleasant. Disregarding others feelings with a gradual change as though it was too easy. Gradual change being made dishonestly because nobody is looking. Full awareness of a dishonest future opportunity or change you are gradually initiating.

Example: An older man dreamed of opening a sliding glass door. In waking life he was prepared to quickly sell a family home that had been in the family for generations with no sympathy for any of his family members. The sliding glass door in this case may have reflected the man's feelings of full awareness of the future upsetting his family while slowly and privately preparing for the home selling anyway.



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