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To dream of skin represents the mental and emotional boundaries between you, other people, and the events of your life. It's how you protect or resist attacks on your feelings or ego.

Alternatively, skin in dreams may reflect your ability to like yourself or feel good about yourself. Heightened sensitivity or not feeling good about something. Not feeling good about what someone said to you. Hurtful comments.

Having no skin would symbolize complete vulnerability to negative influences or emotional attack. Seeing others with no skin would represent aspects of your personality with no ability to feel good ever again. Positively, seeing someone with no skin may in a dream reflect a an aspect of yourself that is experiencing strong emotional influences. A total lack of concern for how you feel in order to achieve a difficult or incredible goal.

To dream of burned skin may reflect feelings about someone intentionally trying to make you never feel good again. The consequences of our actions or others actions that leave us feelings of having been "burned" emotionally by someone close to us.

To see creatures that burrow under the skin would symbolize problems that bug you or that have gotten to you. Feeling "creeped out."

To dream of a snake shedding skin represents feelings about yourself or others no longer having to notice the bad things they done ever again. Negatively, this may reflect a corrupt person getting worse. Positively, it may reflect feelings ab out yourself or a bad person getting the chance to move on with their lives.

Crystal Meth addict often hallucinate about bugs burrowing holes and crawling under their skin. This may symbolize their annoyance about the drug's effects feeling to have permanently worn off and leaving the addict unable to feel good about themselves anymore.

Example: A man dreamed seeing a woman with all her skin ripped off by a huge knife. In waking life he was experiencing a dramatic worsening of a skill condition that didn't allow him to have any confidence in himself at all.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her friends recently deceased daughter jump into her skin which was hanging in a closet. In waking life the woman was helping her friend clean out her dead daughter's closet and felt she had to put on an enthusiastic attitude about the dead daughter's life each time she went over to the home to help clean out the dead daughter's belongings.

Example 3: A man dreamed of trying to prick his father's skin with a syringe. In waking life he was trying to convince his father to get a job when it was very important to fix his life up.

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