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Saudi Arabian People

To dream of Saudi Arabian people represents aspects of your personality that doesn't fear itself impotent or ineffective because it's always listening. The combination of stability, tradition, and respect for authority. You or someone else that will never allow themselves to be embarrassed ever again because they are the authority of listening like it's their job. Behavior that isn't embarrassing itself not listening to what it said not happening.

Positively, Saudi Arabian people may reflect a personality that is fearless and protective of every last detail is listened to like it's important. An attitude of nothing gets let off because a situation is too serious because safety hasn't been returned. Listening to every last thing that is said because it's your job.

Negatively, a Saudi Arabian person may reflect feelings of oppression or restriction, particularly in regards to social norms, expectations, or family life. Respect for authority that notices it all the time. Feeling about parents or people who have control over you that require total respect no matter what. Feeling that change or speaking up for yourself is dangerous. Feeling the potential for powerful insensitive consequences for getting out of line. Alternatively, Saudi Arabian people may represent your own overly strict policies or harsh reactions. Behavior that is a little bit scared of what it said isn't listened to like it's final not wanting to get angry either.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Saudi Arabian men slaughtering animals that were standing in a very long line. In waking life he began to realize that his father had been lying to him for years about carrying out a promise to let him move. When it came time to let him move his father came up with every excuse possible to stop him and prevent any change to their family life at all. In this case the Saudi Arabian men slaughtering animals may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about his father ruthlessly sacrificing his hopes and dreams for the sake of family tradition and stability. The long line of animals waiting to be slaughtered could symbolize the dreamer's own sense of being trapped and waiting for his father's permission to move forward with his life. The dream may be suggesting that the dreamer needs to confront his father's authority and challenge the traditional family values that are preventing him from making progress in his own life.



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