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To dream of a satellite represents feelings about an extension of yourself that you don't need to think about all the time. An extension of yourself outside the normal experience of what your life revolves around. Professional access outside your life if you need it. Feelings about a outside social network from your usual life, or people you don't need to talk to very often. Feelings about someone else being responsibility to notice that every person knows what's going on.

To dream of a satellite dish represents your feelings of sensitivity about being perfectly connected to someone who does everything for you. Feelings about using someone or something to stay perfectly connected to an outsider than is helping you. Feelings about needing to stay away from someone or something once a situation is perfectly setup the way you need it. Noticing that someone helpful can talk to you if they want to, but you can't talk to them. Sensitive one way incoming communication with an outsider.

To dream of a satellite images may reflects feeling about intelligently noticing that nothing can hide from you or that nothing you are doing can be hidden. Feeling that nothing is impressive about requiring to notice everything that is going on in a situation. Attempts to notice what is happening in a different situation from your own anytime you want to without being noticed. Feelings about the use professional stealth intelligence. Noticing something up close so you don't need to ever again. Long term stealth awareness if you want to. Feeling that it's not impossible to notice every single thing that is happening in a situation. Feelings about someone else has noticed everything happening in a situation for you. Dislike of someone invading your privacy with ease or awareness of yourself invading another person's privacy with ease. Feeling that you or someone else is overly exposed. Feelings about people looking at you with no way to do anything about it.

To dream of a satellite spying or taking pictures on another planet may reflect feelings about using people, a service, or situation to understand a completely different type of situation from your own. Intelligently listening to what's going on somewhere else without having to be noticed that you are. Noticing that you can notice what is happening in a different situation from your own anytime you want to without being noticed. Feelings about someone else noticing everything happening in a foreign or unknown situation for you.



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