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To dream of a sailor represents an aspect of your personality that is adept at navigating negative or uncertain situations. Feelings about yourself being experienced with troubling situations to the point of being an expert at keeping life smooth no matter how difficult the situation gets. Experience in the "deeper waters" of life. Experience at dealing with difficult emotional situations and relationship problems.

Positively, a sailor may reflect experience and perseverance to get through a troubling or highly emotional situation. Experience safely enduring the worst possible situations. Experience with keeping difficult situations smoothly running and progressive. Expertise at managing turbulent moments in life.

Negatively, dreaming about a sailor may reflect awareness of dishonest behavior being used to keep your own life in "smooth waters" while other people are unhappy. Smoothly maintaining your own happiness through a difficult situation while other people are unhappy. Perseverance to endure any difficult situation only for your own happiness. Using deceptive tactics through a difficult situation to maintain stability for yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an evil sailor. In waking life he was a young man trying to move out on his own to enjoy his new successful career. He felt that his father was using deceptive tactics to stall him and keep him living at home so that the father could maintain stability in his own life and resist any change to the family life. He felt that he father was very experienced at being deceptive at keeping life unchanged for himself without any consideration for the dreamer's feelings. The evil sailor in this case may have reflected his feelings about his father's dishonest attempts to avoid any family turbulence whatsoever.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an sailor on a sailboat. In waking life he had endured a very dangerous situation safely and intelligently. He was very preoccupied with never having to experience the same situation ever again and felt that he was smart enough to ensure he didn't while still having anxiety about potential problems.



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