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To dream of rice represents feelings about choices not being risky. A laid back non-suffering attitude. Believing you are following good advice or making rational decisions. Rice may also represent feelings about logical choices to ensure reliable outcomes. Confidence in logical sound decisions. Feeling good about unrisky choices. Feeling that boring experience is good for you.

Negatively, rice may reflect intelligent decisions that feel boring or empty. An excessive amount of confidence in a logical choice. Too much confidence in a choice because it feels impossible to risky anything. Wasting amazing opportunities because you didn't believe it would be smart to take a risk. Being too accepting a situation because it hasn't gotten dangerous yet. Staying calm to please other people or avoid looking desperate. Staying calm because you are not suffering yet, while other people are suffering. Maintaining an unhealthy relationship because you will feel stupid being single.

To dream of large bag of uncooked rice may reflect feelings about believing that being patient is an intelligent idea. Feeling that making long-term plans is an intelligent idea in a situation you are experiencing. Feeling that waiting for someone else as long as it takes is an intelligent idea.

To dream of spoiled rice in a dream may reflect intelligent ideas, unrisky ideas, or good advice that you are unable to stick with. Intelligent or unrisky ideas that are no longer any good.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to find some cooked rice, but could only find spoiled rice. In waking life she told a married man that she was having an affair with that they should put the relationship on hold until his wife calms down after finding the woman's phone number. She ended up being unable to stop the relationship. The spoiled rice may have reflected the rational choice to slow down the extra-marital affair that the woman found too difficult to stick with.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a large bag of uncooked rice being desperately dragged out of a church door. In waking life she felt stupid for believing it was an intelligent idea to tell her employers that she wanted to wait to take a job opportunity.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having rice fall on her making her cry. In waking life had issues weight loss and dieting. The rice raining on her may have reflected her sad feelings about going on a diet being feeling an intelligent idea that put her in a sad mood.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a large bag of uncooked rice. In waking life she unemployed and though it was a intelligent idea to wait patiently by the phone for all her potential employers to call her back when none were.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of eating rice. In waking life she wanted to leave her boyfriend because he was already married, but felt it would be a stupid idea because her boyfriend didn't like his wife and she believed he might leave her one day.



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