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Quicksilver (Mercury)

To dream of quicksilver mercury represents rapid changes or unpredictability that may be dangerous if you get too personal with it. Your thoughts, feelings, choices, or life situation may be subjected to fast reacting unpredictable changes with feelings that it could be dangerous. Feeling that you are "playing with" something interesting and dangerous that you shouldn't be.

Alternatively, mercury may reflect feelings of being tainted that you wish to perfectly avoid. Trying to be extra careful to avoid an easy mistake with permanent consequences.

Positively, quicksilver mercury may represent constant sense of being luckier or experiencing enjoyable coincidences quickly and easily. In this case if you didn't feel the substance to be toxic mercury it may be more of a symbol for a silver liquid (not actually mercury). It's not uncommon for quicksilver mercury in a dream to have no negative meaning at all with the silver color and fluid like nature of the substance having symbolic priority over being toxic.

To dream of ingesting mercury may reflect lingering guilt or regret that feels very difficult to forget. Feelings of never being able to be perfect or innocent again if you accept or go through with a choice. Negative feelings that are difficult to shed. Feeling that life will never be the same again due to some corrupting factor. Feelings about playing with something interesting and dangerous that you shouldn't have having serious negative consequences.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing liquid mercury flowing out of the ground. In waking life he recently experienced the birth of a child with a woman that wasn't his wife. His wife accepted the situation with no intention to leave him, but he still had issues with paying for the second child. The mercury flowing out of the ground may have reflected his feelings about the birth of child with another woman being both interesting and unpredictably dangerous to discuss with his current wife too much. The birth of the baby with a woman he had an affair with may also become an "interesting lethal" topic as the baby's birth made the topic "public above ground" instead of underground.



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