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To dream of popsicles represents feeling good that everyone or everything in your life likes you the way you are. Temporarily feel good with no problems. Feelings about enjoying yourself living in the moment when it isn't expensive. Holding on to something temporary that you want to keep feeling good with for as long as you can. Feeling that it doesn't hurt you or anyone else to enjoy a moment savored as long as you can.

Negatively, dreaming about popsicle may represents feelings about being aware of yourself wasting time enjoying something that other people feel good overlooking or witnessing you think about. Enjoying thinking there is nothing wrong with your life. Enjoying yourself wasting time with something nobody else will ever get angry about.

Example: A woman dreamed of her baby eating a blue popsicle. In waking life she was living at home with parents, working two jobs, and enjoying herself shopping for a new car thinking of her future while searching for better paying full time job. The baby eating a popsicle may have reflected her daydreaming about a new full time job making her feel good without problems which gave her the confidence to buy a car.

*Please See Popsicle Sticks



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