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Polka Dots

To dream of polka dots represents feelings about being aware of a repeating situation with a safe or playful nature about not getting yourself in trouble. A pattern of thoughts, behaviors, or situations that are repetitive and predictable.

Negatively, dreaming about polka dots could represent an awareness of a repetitive situation that remains safe or playful without evolving into anything more risky or challenging. Feeling annoyed by something that happens repeatedly, but doesn't get you in trouble. A negative thinking pattern or bad habit that you keep repeating, but don't get in trouble for. A repeat behavior pattern or feeling stuck in a safe but unchanging routine. A need to break away from trivial or repetitive behaviors that aren't leading to personal growth or improvement. Social norms or behaviors that one repeatedly feels pressured to adhere to. A need to seek new experiences, challenge themselves, or break away from repeating habits.

To dream of a polka dot dress may represent feelings about a personality that is submissive with behavior that is repetitive and safe about not getting into trouble.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a woman wearing a white dress with red polka dots. In waking life, he had repeat encounters with a woman he knew liked him but felt it was dangerous to discuss it. In this case, the polka dots may have reflected his perception of the woman's intentions as playful and non-threatening while also symbolizing the repetitive nature of their interactions where he felt she liked it too much.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his wife in a white dress with red dots. In waking life, he was constantly being asked by people if she was pregnant yet. In this case, the polka dot dress may have reflected his feelings about his wife choosing to belong to him while thinking about safe married sex to get pregnant all the time.



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