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To dream of police officers represents discipline, intervention, and enforcement of behavior. Rules or structure. Feelings about changes being forced on you or others. A need to restore sanity, rationality, or justice to a situation. A need for fairness, order, or respect for adherence rules. Feelings of being in trouble for not behaving or staying disciplined. Maintaining order and safety in your life. The enforcement of boundaries, or the protection of your own values and principles.

Positively, police may reflect the use of power or authority to force changes on people who are misbehaving. Keeping "troublemakers" in line. Standing up to bullies or confronting people who are abusive to others. Choosing to make difficult changes that you know are in your best interest. Confronting liars, rule breakers, or dishonest people. Feelings of security. Calming a situation down or fixing one that is a total mess. Intervening in a wrongdoing. Choosing to confront addiction. Providing help in a crisis. Protecting something sensitive or beautiful from harmful individuals. Preventing recklessness. Restoring calm. Calming a situation down.

Negatively, dreaming of police may represent your fear of change, discipline, punishment, or correcting a bad habit. It may also reflect feelings about yourself or others being too authoritarian or controlling. Forcing change on people when they don't like it or don't want it. Abusing authority, power, or your ability to protect people. Feeling like you are facing bad karma. Feeling that you have no choice in a matter that requires change. Knowing you are misbehaving and not liking having to change. Problems with resisting change. Experiencing situations where there is a sense of "lawlessness" or arrogant abuse of power. Resisting confronting addictions. Avoiding punishment or facing consequences. Fearing someone else will get away with wronging you. Feeling that you were caught breaking rules. Overbearing authority figures, or feeling controlled and restricted by rules and regulations.

To dream of police corruption represents feelings of betrayal, loss of trust, or moral compromise in a situation where you expected protection, order, or fairness. It could also symbolize your own negative thoughts or actions that undermine your sense of integrity, or a situation where you are allowing dishonesty or injustice to occur without consequences. Feelings about people in your life that like dishonest control in order to cheat or think that they're the best. Not liking why someone else is getting away with something.

To dream of a female police officer represents a passive form of discipline, intervention, or enforcement of behavior. Enforcement of rules or structure that doesn't have to be assertive. Negatively, a female police officer may reflect a scumbag in your life that stays quiet about secretive control over you.

Spiritually, police in a dream may reflect feelings about you life being controlled or guided by God. Feeling that God is forcing you to change or intervening to punish bad people with a life lesson.

To dream of running away from police represents your attempt to avoid discipline, consequences, or facing the reality of your actions. A fear of change or an unwillingness to confront personal issues, bad habits, or negative behavior patterns. You might be trying to evade responsibility, accountability, or the need to address problems in your life.

To dream of being arrested by police represents being held accountable for your actions or that discipline is being enforced upon you. It may also symbolize a situation in which you are forced to confront your issues or face the consequences of your decisions. This dream can signify an acknowledgment that you need to make changes or take responsibility for your behavior, habits, or life choices. Addicts may dream of being arrested when they have to get sober. Feeling that a change that is being forced upon you.

To dream of police cars represents control over decision-making regarding disciple, intervention, or enforcement of behavior. Controlling correcting problems. This could also indicate your ability to confront issues, set limits, and uphold your values and principles in various situations.

Example: A woman dreamed of police officer raping her. In waking life, she felt scared being alone while separated from her abusive husband and kept sleeping with men that ended up using her. In this case, the police raping her may have reflected her feelings about being taken advantage of by people who were supposed to protect and support her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of running away from the police. In waking life he was trying very hard to avoid having to give up drugs when people he knew were trying to intervene in his life. In this case, the the police may have reflected his feelings about people in his life who were trying to enforce discipline, intervention, and change in his behavior.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing police arresting people. In waking life, his boss at work as firing people for abusing privileges in the work place. In this case, the police arresting people may have reflected his feelings about the enforcement of rules and discipline at his workplace, as well as the consequences faced by his colleagues for abusing their privileges.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of screaming for the police to help her. In waking life, she was frustrated with being unable to stop another woman from talking about her negatively behind her back. In this case, screaming for the police may have reflected her desire for intervention, authority, or someone with power to step in and put an end to the negative gossip being spread about her.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of the police intruding into her home after accepting a gift from one of two men she was interested in seeing. In waking life, she was involved with two men and after one of the men proved himself to be immature she changed her mind about him and started respecting the second more mature man as a better partner. In this case, the police may have reflected her feelings of self-discipline and enforcement of her own values and principles in her romantic life.

Example 6: A man dreamed of an arrogant female police officer. In waking life, he was experiencing police corruption that chose to waste years of his life waiting for police assistance. In this case, the female police officer may have reflected his feelings about how arrogant the police corruption was with it's passive tactics.

Example 7: A man dreamed of seeing a police officer being killed. In waking life he was having problems making a lifestyle change. In this case, the police officer being killed may have reflected his feelings of losing the sense of discipline, order, or self-control needed to successfully make the lifestyle change.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of police telling her that she can file charges against her husband. In waking life, her husband left her for another woman and she felt used. In this case, the police may have reflected her feelings about wanting to get back at her husband with a divorce for using her so he'll feel punished for it.

Example 9: A woman dreamed of police discovering a man badly burned inside a vehicle while she tried to take this body to clean it. In waking life, the her boss had told her that she is her boss's biggest failure. In this case, the police may have reflected her feelings of self-discipline in confronting the issue of being labeled as a failure by her boss.

Example 10: An older woman dreamed of her pastor at church being a police officer. In waking life, she was having a problem in her church with getting a white supremacist kicked out. In this case, the pastor being a police officer may have reflected the dreamer's desire for someone in a position of authority to enforce the rules and maintain order in the church community, particularly in dealing with divisive and harmful beliefs. The dream may be suggesting that the dreamer sees their pastor as someone who can act as a moral authority and ensure that everyone adheres to the principles and values of the church.

*Please See Arrested



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