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To dream of Pinocchio represents your feelings about being unable to hide the truth or disguise your real intentions once it's uncovered. Noticing that it's impossible to lie or keep a secret. Embarrassment at having to see yourself lie. A sense of family life that doesn't see a problem with lying until it's embarrassed itself with being unable to hide it. Alternatively, Pinocchio may represents innocence that embarrasses itself lying.

Example: A young woman dreamed that she was Pinocchio and that her nose kept growing while talking to her father who wasn't listening to her. In waking life, she was aware of herself being dishonest, but decided changing her behavior wasn't important.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Pinocchio. In waking life, he discovered that someone he just met had done some snooping on the Internet about him and discovered something he was thinking he could hide. In this case, Pinocchio may have reflected his feelings of embarrassment and inability to hide or deny the truth once it had been uncovered.



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