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To dream that you are watching a movie represents an experience you are having in life. The movie or TV show is then a symbol for what kind of experience you are having. Consider what the movie makes you feel or think and how it parallels situations in your waking life. Think about what the characters or storylines mean to you as symbols for your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Your thoughts about how life scenarios or relationships unfold in a scripted or predestined manner, similar to a movie plot. A sense of fascination, entertainment, or learning from observed experiences.

To dream of filming a Hollywood movie represents feelings about creating experiences that other people need to find incredible or believable. Preparations, plans, or lies in order to make other people believe a story you're telling so something incredible will happen. Interesting someone else is the most incredible experience of their life. A situation that is developing that you know others will take a serious interest in. Feelings about other people going out of their way to experience something you're responsible for making happen.

Example: A young man dreamed of filming a Hollywood movie. In waking life, his computer was failing and he had to do everything he could to fix it before asking his parents for a new one so he'd ensure they believed he needed a new computer. In this case, filming a Hollywood movie may have reflected having to recount a believable story to his parents about how incredibly hard he tried to fix his computer and how pointless it was so that he'd have an incredible experience or "movie ending" of getting a new computer.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being inside a movie theatre about to sit down. In waking life, he had a number of plans to participate in an ayahuasca spiritual retreat in another country. The movie theatre reflected all his preparations to have the incredible and unusual experience at the spiritual retreat.

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