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To dream of a moose represents behavior that doesn't believe others matter and isn't the least bit concerned with anything others are doing. Not liking anything aggressive, but will once you're too personal. Instincts to never be told what to do as though it's normal. Never being told what to do passive or aggressive. Behavior that never believes in other people. Behavior that isn't asking anything from you and doesn't fear getting angry if you ask again. Behavior that isn't the least bit concerned with anything you're doing. Behavior that is strong enough to take something difficult on it's own without others. Never wanting to be bothered at all. Assertive behavior that doesn't want to notice other people's problems.

Negatively, a moose may reflect fear of something or someone that doesn't care about listening to anything else you have to say and gets angry if you do. Behavior that scares you that it never has to think of other people. Behavior that scares you with never wanting to bother it at all. Behavior that looks good alone and will hurt you if it doesn't like you. An aggressive or powerful loner that doesn't want you near them. Behavior that doesn't look angry, but then terrifies you that doesn't like you at all once you get to close to it. Lashing out or attacking others when you feel threatened or cornered on a personal level. A lack of confrontation until something gets to close or too personal. A snob that will beat you up if you get too personal.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a moose. In waking she was a fundraiser experiencing frustration with people. In this case the moose may have reflected her feelings about too many people getting angry at her when she called them asking for money a second time making fundraising goals difficult.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing moose that she thought were beautiful and strong while having no fear of them. In waking life she wanted to move to another part of the country. The moose in this case may have reflected her honest feelings about other people being upset or terrified of her moving to another US State all on her own.



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