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Mickey Mouse

To dream of Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse represents feelings about behavior that is ridiculous about enjoying noticing everything is working with fantastic appearances. A "can do" attitude that is ridiculous about always being nice as the reason why everything is working. Some area of your life works perfectly, but isn't serious. A situation more concerned with projecting an image that every single thing is "fantastically functioning" than on quality. A personality that feels that something is fantastic the way it is while you just enjoy looking at it or using it.

Consider the derogatory saying "just some Mickey Mouse trinket." A situation that's focused on "seeming" to be working perfectly.

Negatively, dreaming about Mickey Mouse represents an attitude that terrifies you that it can't even begin to believe that everything isn't already fantastically working. A ridiculous situation caused by neglect or ignorance requiring you to fix it yourself with quality or "do it the right way." Embarrassing yourself with stupid people working for you that makes you fix problems yourself.

Example: A young woman dreamed of Mickey Mouse inside a mansion. In waking life she was very concerned with feeling that everything with her family life and relationship with her boyfriend seemed to be working fine. Mickey Mouse in this case may have reflected her feelings about the ridiculous need to make her family life and relationship seem to work fantastic in appearance.



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