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Mexican People

To dream of Mexican people represents aspects of your personality that respects itself believing in itself. A staunch attitude about believing in yourself as something you're always supposed to do. Respecting yourself never being a fake or phony all the time. Asserting yourself with people who want you to change things that you've grown accustom to. Refusing to change because you won't respect yourself believing in yourself if you do. A perfectly stubborn negotiation where you show someone you have nothing to lose, aren't fake, and don't need them. Respecting yourself never needing to talk to someone you believe isn't good enough to talk to you.

Negatively, a Mexican may reflect overdoing respecting yourself believing in yourself. Not being afraid to take risk or believing in yourself pushing limits that go over the line. Not noticing anything fake that is scary. Socializing that isn't desperate about not needing people. Feeling that someone is crazy for not changing. Confronting ingrained attitudes or habits. Arrogantly showing off telling people how much you don't care. Feeling that someone doesn't respect you because you aren't exciting enough. Feelings of dangerous incompetent emptiness because someone prefers to feel good first. Talking to yourself about going through with suicidal plans. Not liking changing bad habits because you like yourself without needing to quit (smoking, drinking, etc.)

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful Mexican woman. In waking life he kept getting disappointed that a woman he thought liked him would never want to talk to him. The Mexican woman in this case may have reflected his feelings about the beautiful woman respecting herself believing in herself confident due to her higher level of attractiveness that made him feel that she didn't need to talk to him. She was confident socially without him making him feel that he wasn't respected because he wasn't exciting enough to speak to no matter how many times he tried.

Example 2: A man dreamed of sitting on a couch with a dangerous Mexican youth. In waking life he was considering killing himself because his life wasn't very exciting. In this case the Mexicans on the couch may have reflected aspects of the man's personality that were not afraid to take risks or not afraid go over the line believing in themselves to commit suicide.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing Mexicans. In waking life he had failed to keep himself off cigarettes with a new method of quitting he tried. In this case the Mexicans in the dream may have reflected his feelings about friends who respected themselves believing in themselves as smokers with no pressure to quit while the dreamer felt pressure to quit and didn't like himself as a non-smoker.



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